t a l l a h a s s e e     b e a c h

j. s.   c l a r k

Tallahassee Beach is not a real place, but you've arrived, so take your shoes off and let the sand inhabit the spaces between your toes.

Invented as the title of a highly derivative satirical SF series about the capitol of Florida in the 23rd Century (published in the long-defunct Q Magazine), the title stuck when I published my first website and has also gained a new lease on life as the name of a virtual world. Welcome!

This page is an anchor for my creative interests, as opposed to (and sometimes overlapping with) my day job at Florida State University. A CV is here. As a late bloomer in the world of academic publishing, I'm particularly proud of my two invited book chapters and a a journal article. Less conventional projects include a multimedia/visual-rhetoric thing called “Pining: Convergence, Circulation, and Re-mediation,” published in the Language and Ecology Research Forum and a machinima, Virtual Florida, that won an Excellence Award in the 3D Animation and Motion Picture Category during Digitech 2012 at Florida State University.

Mostly in the days before the Web, I published fiction and essays; my best work is probably "and certain stars shot madly from their spheres", which appeared in the Summer 2003 Apalachee Review.

These days, I get a lot of my creative jollies from photography - especially Florida nature photography. You can view my flickr feed (embedded here) and my 500px profile page. I've also begun to dabble in video.

A couple of years ago I ported the virtual Florida into an OpenSimulator project called -- you guessed it -- Tallahassee Beach. The project is located on an island the Kitely Opensim grid. Use this link to access it via the web; you'll need a Kitely account or hypergrid access.

I can be reached by emailing jsclarkfl at gmail. Thanks for making the drive to the coast. Be sure to check for chassis corrosion after you leave.