t a l l a h a s s e e     b e a c h

j. s.   c l a r k

Bio: Floridian, antique VW driver, visualist, nature boy, academic, writer, teacher, diver, handyman, late sleeper, counterculturalist, father, husband, brother, son, uncle, friend; memorialist, environmentalist, sentimentalist, and fantasist.

Curriculum vitæ tells the academic and professional story, including book chapters and journal articles like "The Environmental Semiotics of Second Life: Reading the Splash Aquatics Store," Graduate Journal of Social Science 8(3), December 2011, or conference papers/presentations like "Climate Change in Virtual Worlds? delivered to a conference of the "Union for Democratic Communications, Tallahassee, May 2012.

Less conventional projects include a multimedia/visual-rhetoric thing called “Pining: Convergence, Circulation, and Re-mediation,” published in the Language and Ecology Research Forum, April 2012; and a machinima, Virtual Florida, that won an Excellence Award in the 3D Animation and Motion Picture Category, Digitech 2012, Florida State University, March 2012.

I've also published fiction and essays; my best work is probably "and certain stars shot madly from their spheres", which appeared in the Summer 2003 Apalachee Review. And I take photographs and dabble in videos.

Social media sites include twitter, academia.edu, zotero, linkedin, ello, and facebook.

I can also be reached by emailing jsclarkfl at gmail. Thanks for stopping by.