Tallahassee Beach | J.S. Clark

Tallahassee Beach is not a real place, but you've arrived, so take your shoes off and let the sand colonize the spaces between your toes.

I invented the place name for a highly derivative satirical SF series about the capitol of Florida in the 23rd Century, published in the long-defunct Q Magazine. It was a natural choice for my first website back in the 1990s, and a couple of years ago it gained a new lease on life as the name of a virtual world. So welcome! This page is an anchor for my creative, avocational pursuits; if you're interested in my day job on the faculty at Florida State University, by all means visit my homepage there.

s i m u l a c r a:

images by j.s. clark

Academia bridges work and play for me, especially since I cleave to the interpretive tradition. As a late bloomer in the academy, I'm inordinately proud of my two invited book chapters and journal article. Less conventional projects include a multimedia/visual-rhetoric thing called “Pining: Convergence, Circulation, and Re-mediation,” published in the Language and Ecology Research Forum and a machinima, Virtual Florida, that won an Excellence Award in the 3D Animation and Motion Picture Category during Digitech 2012 at Florida State University. The day-job page has more on that kind of thing: talks, performances, conference papers, etc.

In the pre-Web days, for the most part, I published some fiction and essays that tended toward the whimsical and magical-realist. My best work is probably "and certain stars shot madly from their spheres" published in the Apalachee Review. I have a few more stories in me and hope to get back to them eventually; in the meantime I occasionally post short blog essays on whatever strikes my fancy.

Lately I've gotten a lot of creative satisfaction out of photography—especially of Florida's natural environment. My copious flickr feed is embedded here (I'm using the term simulacra for that work because photographs lie). I've also begun to dabble in video.

Experimentally extruding this visual rhetoric into three dimensions, I ported the virtual Florida into an OpenSimulator project called—you guessed it—Tallahassee Beach. The project is located on an island the Kitely Opensim grid. Use this link to access it via the web; you'll need a Kitely account or hypergrid access.

I can be reached by emailing jsclarkfl at gmail.

Thanks for making the drive to the coast. Be sure to check for chassis corrosion after you leave.